At MGW, our purpose is to develop your passion for learning & help you as our learners and distinguished students to enjoy knowledge delivered in the highest and proven educational approaches & methods fitting different nationalities, ages & qualifications.

Throughout the process, you will be exposed to a group of different international educational standards, boost your self-confidence, attain new skills that will make your life easier & acquire a comprehensive understanding and view of the global issues around you.

“A good speech is a result of though out and unrushed thought process”

Who We are?

We are a leading business education organization in the MENA region with our main headquarter.

We live by our designation and commitment for quality & knowledge application via an educational methodology and resources that motivate its participants to apply and put into action what they have learned all while developing their personalities, behavior & attitude in a way that reflects on both their business performance & lifestyle.

“We all have a champion deep whin us waiting to be unleashed”

Important facts about us

  • Since 2014, we have been improving and facilitating new and rewarding opportunities to over 12,000 individuals via short programs, diplomas in the field of business all while garnering accreditations from the top and most premium awarding bodies in the world.

These accreditation bodies include, but are not inclusive to accreditation bodies such as:

  • The award of Training & higher Education ( ATHE ).
  • Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality ( CTH ).
  • EduQual
  • 2,000 Alumni of both MBA & DBA programs, all graduated from prestigious accredited programs from equally amazing schools such as the International business school of Scandaanavia ( IBSS ), Swiss School of Hospitality ( SSBH ) & International Business Academy of Switzerland ( IBAS ) & last but not least, the Asia-e-University.
  • 12,000 graduates, 120 lecturers & 10 Accreditations

Our Values

  • We are professional yet empathetic.
  • We believe in simplicity, innovation & Team Spirit.
  • We increase the awareness of our Arab region via our professional courses following the market needs.
  • We do it on time.

Our education systems & procedures are a result of constant development to enable us as an organization to avoid facing obstacles in the application phase.

To endure the success of our educational programs they are designed according to a realistic reflection and testing of different training methods & student needs in the Middle East that manifest through held conferences & studies held specifically for that purpose.

  • In campus Education
  • Blended Learning
  • Online Education
  • Distance Education
  • Assessment
  • Academic Support

Our Vision

  • Being one of the top leading educational service providers in providing high-quality educational services in the international educational system.
  • Exceeding expectations by acquiring a unique understanding of the educational needs of the learners of the educational system in the middle east
  • Achieve collaboration with different nationalities, skills, and ages irrespective of geographical location or country.
  • Developing and creating future managers & leaders

Our Mission

  • To deliver learning opportunities of the highest quality
  • Providing our shareholders with a strong future
  • enhanced support to associates alongside increased returns
  • Adopt the latest technologies in the field of educational products
  • Encouraging innovation, up-graduation of knowledge & increasing its learner’s skills in a safe working environment.

Our Programs

UK Diplomas

  • Level 4

Level 4 diploma program designed to provide its students with the skills & knowledge expected from those occupying junior management roles.

  • Level 5

Level 5 diploma program that is considered the equivalent of a second-year bachelor’s degree & is traditionally taken in combination with the level 4 or 6 diplomae, allowing its holder to advance to a Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Level 6

Level 6 diploma program primarily covers the most essential & key areas of management such as leadership & research alongside a wide range of optional units they can take up in different fields such as Finance, HR, Marketing, & personal development.

  • Level 7 Business Management Diploma

Level 7 diploma program is designed to enhance your career opportunities & lead you directly to the advanced stages of an MBA degree & other Master’s degree programs in a range of different Universities in both the UK and overseas.

  • MBA

The MBA, master’s degree in business administration & is recognized internationally & is considered one of the most prestigious qualifications & designations in the business world. If your goal is acquiring a senior role in the business field then this thought-provoking program is designed to heighten your leadership abilities, practical skills, theoretical and practical understanding of the workplace & your career progress.

  • DBA

The DBA program is primarily aimed at business leaders with a desi to increase their knowledge and gain a more specialized degree in management that is not offered with general management programs. This degree could be used to further deepen your understanding of a given area in your career, launch your academic career as a professor, or as a lifetime goal or challenge you will also gain the ability to apply rigorous academic research to real-life managerial problems