Most individuals fit into three main archetypes, those who are active in their own affairs, those who are passive, and a few 10% who are not proactive in every single aspect of their lives especially when it comes to one’s education & employment. One of Asia’s top educational bodies offers you a chance to take control of your future with its latest International Foundation Program (IFP).

The IFP is a global program primarily designed to prep & properly enable graduates with the needed and sought out social and learning skills expected for undergraduates & preparing them for the demands of college life. Not just another fancy accreditation the IFP is a globally recognized recognition that opens up the way to several known colleges and introduces you to a wide network of professionals and fellow students providing you with an entry point to tertiary education and curricular international gold standers courtesy of the London School of Economics & political science.

Moving on to the London University & the Asia e University, the two educational bodies that curated this program. London University is regarded as a global benchmark for excellence & is regarded by the students, educational bodies & employers alike as a benchmark for educational excellence. The UOL & Now the AeU offers the program in both full-time & part-time capacity and is approved by the British ministry of education & in Malaysia by the MQA.


As for Asia e University, it is a pioneer in digital and remote, affordable & flexible digital learning and offers a comprehensive group of subjects including social science, Business & Management, Arts & science, business & management among others. The IFP represents a great learning chance to those who are still to experience college and are interested in it, now offered by Asia e University.