One of the most life-altering and important decisions most of us take at the start of his adult life is what college or university should he go to alongside what he or she wants her career to be and other life-determining decisions.

One’s choice of which college he would like to join could be affected by a group of different elements such as your income, career & long term objectives, distance from where your living & majors & courses among others. 

One of the common practices today especially among MBA degree and DBA degree students is to conclude their studies abroad. This of course makes the choice somewhat harder but can be a great opportunity opener at the same time. Our Article today is about Asia e University and about its location, departments, higher education business certificates and its ranking.

The AEU or as its otherwise known is located in the Subang javamii in Malaysia that offers a blend of on-campus & online courses and programs. The Asia e university AEU was founded by the Asia cooperation dialogue of foreign ministers of over 34 pacific Asian member countries in a .and under the objective of cooperating in different areas, primarily education

The small e in the name stands for empowered, exploratory, expanding, effective, electronic & experiential learning among others. The main campus is in Kuala Lampur and has its learning centres all across asia.which all deliver Undergraduate, postgraduate executive development & foundation programmes

2) AEU university Faculties & programs

The way the university is divided into 4 main schools or focuses alongside its many collaborations with the other educational bodies in the field, the University departments are :

  • School of Management
  • School of Science & technology
  • School of graduate studies
  • School of art, humanities & social sciences
  • School of Education & Cognitive sciences

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3) AEU university Degrees

As for the accredited degrees and programs that are available for you to choose from, here are all of the main ones that the different programs provide. 

  • 7 Doctor degrees in of Philosophy in Humanities, Education, Business Administration, Social & Behavioural Science, Finance & Information & communication technology.
  • Master degrees in Business Administration, Management, Huan resource management, Science, Education, Information & technology management.
  • 9 Bachelor degrees in Business administration, Education ( early childhood, teaching Malay language & English as a second language ), Information & Technology, Creative Media, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education, business management & Islam.
  • 3 graduate diplomas in early childhood education, Business management, Penjani Islam

4) Memberships & Ranking

The AEU has enjoyed memberships with a wide range of different institutions and here they are

  • Asian Association of Open Universities
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education
  • Asia Pacific University Community Engagement Network
  • International Council for Open and Distance Education
  • International Consortium for Teaching and Learning Centres
  • Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools
  • The Association of Southeast Asia Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Accredited By Chartered Management Institute (CMI) U

As for the Ranking of the University, on the level of the country itself. In Malaysia, the country is ranked at 38, as for its worldwide rank is 7,590.  

5) Alumni & Graduates 

One of the best ways to observe and get an idea of how beneficial a degree provide by you, so here are some of the universities graduates.

  • Dr David Richard Namwandi, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Dr Abdallah Rasheed Ah, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Mr Mafio Matthew Mlambo, Master of Busines Administration.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

So there you have it all the most important information you need to know about Asia e University and its many programs it offers. We hope this article has proven to be beneficial and fun at the same time.