Diploma Overview

Welcome to the level 5 Diploma provided by the Awards for training and higher education Institution. The ATHE is a UK-based organization with over 200 recognized centers in over 45 countries that offers a wide variety of vocational and international recognized qualifications including law, healthcare & management, one of which is the UK level 5 Business Management Diploma.

The Diploma focuses and is designed to provide managers of different industries and organization types with several managerial, Project management & leadership skills allowing them to realize their companies vision and nurture a spirit of self-development within them & their firms

Diploma Modules

This unit will enable the learner to develop knowledge and understanding of business ethics and the effects ethics can have on organizations, including planning and the management of their goals and activities.

The course develops learners’ understanding of, Understands differences in global business operations, Understands the impact of external factors on global business organizations, Understands the impact of globalization on the internal operations of business organizations, Be able to review current issues that impact business activities of a specified country.

The course’s objective is to provide its students with the necessary skill set that will allow them to analyze the publicly available internal financial information of a company and make strategic decisions based on the analysis of said knowledge.

Learners will be to understand the importance of effectively managing equality and diversity and understand the dynamics of leading and managing equality and diversity in an organization.

The course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of communication within organizations. Learners will review their own communication skills.

the course aims to understand how structure, culture, and other factors impact people in organizations and understand how to manage individuals and teams in order to achieve sustainable business performance.

The Leaner will be able to design a research project, undertake a research project in line with a research project plan, to evaluate research outcomes
and to present the research outcomes.

The course will enable the learner to understand the risk management function in business, understand how business risk is assessed and managed, and understand the effects of business risks and how they can be managed.

ATHE UK Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

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