Diploma Overview

Welcome to the level 6 Diploma provided by the Awards for training and higher education Institution. The ATHE is a UK-based organization with over 200 recognized centers in over 45 countries that offers a wide variety of vocational and international recognized qualifications including law, healthcare & management, one of which is the UK level 6 Business Management Diploma.

The Diploma focuses and is designed to provide managers of different industries and organization types with several managerial, Project management & leadership skills allowing them to realize their companies vision and nurture a spirit of self-development within them & their firms

Diploma Modules

The course will enable the learner to understand the role of leadership and management in organizations; and the use of leadership and management skills to improve organizational performance.

The course aims to understand how personal leadership and management skills support the achievement of organizational objectives, be able to manage the development of own personal leadership and management skills to support the achievement of personal and organizational objectives, and be to reflect on the effectiveness of personal development plans in developing management and leadership skills.

The course aims to enable to develop the knowledge to managers and deliver excellent customer service.

Learners will be to consider appropriate research methodologies in preparation for conducting research, conduct research based on the research question or hypothesis and analyze the findings, present findings from research investigations, and review own personal learning.

This unit aims to get its Learners familiar with almost all the processes and factors relating to the workforce such as employment, training, and retention strategies among others.

the course aims at understanding the principles of financial accounting and reporting, apply the principles of financial accounting, and apply management accounting principles and procedures.

The course aims to analyze business objectives to identify potential projects, their feasibility, and the methodology which may be used, and design systems, and plans for initiating and managing projects.

The course will enable the learner to understand the principles of selling and different selling methods, understand the principles of the sales process., understand the importance of sales technologies for organizations, and understand the financial dimension of sales.

ATHE UK Level 6 Diploma in Business Management

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