There are many elements to consider when choosing which of the many DBA Programs out there such as the Cost, Format, Courses, Duration and which of the many Business schools and programs to go for including many other aspects that need to be considered. 

One of those many previously mentioned aspects is the Ranking of the DBA program of your choice. Similar to another coveted post-graduate business-related degree, the MBA, the ranking of the DBA program is one of the considerable elements that DBA students or students of a doctor of business administration should consider.

Today we will delve into the meaning of DBA Rankings, why they’re important and what are the most famous DBA ranking systems and more. So grab a cold or warm beverage of your choice and let’s dive into the world of DBA rankings.

Before we go forth and discuss the importance of the ranking of a DBA degree lets first identify what a DBA degree is. To find that answer we will refer to its definition in Wikipedia, which defines it as a research-based & focused doctorate, granted on the basis and as a result of project work & advanced study in the field of business administration.

DBA rankings are the arrangement by which the different DBA programs out there are categorized and valued one higher than the other, the elements by which they are ranked and prioritized above each other will differ from one ranking system to the other. 

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2) Are DBA rankings important?

Now that you’re familiar with what a doctorate in business administration its time for one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself by now, how important exactly are rankings when it comes to business administration. Well, the answer is both a yes and a no, 

What we mean here is that similar to its brethren, the MBA degree, your main focus should be on the benefits or long term or short term goals professionally & personally. However, as we said before the ranking of your DBA degree university is crucial in calculating the ROI you will be getting out of the degree, so it should definitely be considered, but alongside your other important elements.

3) DBA Rankings

Last but not least, we will now move on to discussing the top ranking systems for DBAs and which are considered by each one as the top 5 DBA programs in the world.

So those were some of the must-know pieces of info about DBA degree ranking. We hope this article has proved useful for you and helped you obtain a better grasp on DBA Rankings.