DBA Overview

DBA, is a 3-year part-time program for senior managers and business leaders interested in acquiring a degree in business and management. Whether it’s for a personal interest in furthering your business practices expertise in a certain area, to launch your career as a professor of practice, or as a part of your life-long learning challenge, the program will facilitate and help you develop a deeper understanding of the way of applying rigorous and relevant research to concrete managerial problems.

DBA Modules

The time spent on DBA qualification has been developed to conform to the requirements of the RFQ, to meet the requirements of higher education and employers, to meet the needs of learners with the highest courses of study.


This unit aims at providing its students with all the information needed to pursue an intermediate career in finance and accounting through subjects like taxation, finance management & accounting.

This unit aims at providing its Learners with the knowledge of the process of gathering, documenting & analyzing the data and different approaches to doing so.

This unit aims at providing its Learners with the needed knowledge and methodology skills relating to the different methods of research and what tactics to follow.

This unit aims at providing its Learners with all the information regarding the numeric tools and instruments used to discover relations and connections between large datasets.

Benefits of Having an DBA degree

The Doctor of business administration “DBA” provides its students with an amazing professional and personal skills development including, but not limited to, more secured positions, high financial rewards salary, career improvement, more flexibility, and wider professional network. Regardless of your professional field, DBA has all that you need whether advancing your leadership, communication, or personal skills which are accountable for 85% of your success.

DBA Tuition

Element Answer
Regulations All payments must be made within the set deadlines.
Deferred Payment The payment could be done over  installments
Study time duration 18months

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