One of the most daunting details of choosing your MBA or DBA degree Program is the accrediting body of your International business school or other MBA or DBA providing body out there Despite this factor being a minimal one as it will most probably affect the ROI of your BA degree especially in terms of potential salary, average annual income and so forth.

One of the most known accreditation bodies around the world especially the world of business degrees is the IBAS. You’re probably having a lot of questions about what the IBAS is, what are its accreditation standards & why it might be a great option for you & that is exactly what we will be exploring with our article. 

Before we go into the details of the IBAS accreditation process, we will need to answer the first question that came up in your mind, which is what exactly is the IBAS. The IBAS is the acronym for the prestigious International Business Academy of Switzerland, 

The IBAS is not just your run in the mill Business school, it is one of the pioneering business schools in Europe based in Switzerland. The IBSS has been offering international blended learning programs applying the newest and most modern innovative training tools and methodologies since 1999. 

The IBSS mainly focuses on developing and providing in house developed and formed MBA and DBA degrees. These degrees and other learning programs are provided by and are a result of partnerships with several international training institutes & Partnerships. 

2) IBAS Accreditation

On e of the most important things to consider when choosing an MBA, is the accreditations it provides and the different institutions and associations the providing parties can secure for you & the IBAS does not hold its punches when it comes to accreditations & Memberships. Here are some of the main accreditation bodies & members of the IBAS. 

Swiss private school register

The main purpose of the swiss private school register is to ensure that the registered private schools provide ab adequate degree of quality education and provide confirmation for not just the organization but also to the outside world including the enlisted students, customers, the public & authorities in general & the public as a whole 


EduQua is the first Swiss quality label geared and targeted towards adults continuing their education and that is not only recognized but also supported by the Swiss government. 

The label covers both public and private learning institutions and focuses on the transparency & comfortability for those continuing their education in the different educational institutions of Switzerland.  


Iso is the international organization for standardization and it is primarily responsible for the preparation of different international standards which are determined via a technical committee that can represent international, governmental & non-governmental organizations


The acronym stands for Awards for Training and Higher Education is an accreditation body that provides a wide array of qualifications, anything form management to tourism.

Its goal is to provide a quality service while cutting down the time and amount of money spent due to its numerous degrees with several educational bodies and colleges across the UK.

3) Memberships

Now that you know the different accreditations enlisting in an IBAS program lets talk about the memberships and partnerships that the IBAS has with other educational & Non-Educational bodies


The ACBSP or Accreditations Council for Business Schools & Programs is a leading & specialized accreditation body, specifically for supporting, celebrating & rewording teaching methods and teaching excellency in general. The IBAS is currently a candidate and is seeking full partnership


The CPD as an acronym stands for continuing professional development, a term which that summarizes the objective of the institution & the activities that professionals engage in to develop & enhance their abilities.

Using a collection of different methods among which are training workshops, conferences, events, practice techniques & e-learning programs among others to name a few. They have acquired a considerable amount of knowledge in professional development

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4) Why IBAS?

We now move on to one of the most important questions you’re asking yourself by now, which is why exactly should IBAS be your choice. Here are some of the benefits you will be getting with this organization.

  • Unique technical learning methods:

The teaching style of the IBAS courses and different provided degrees & other educational approaches are innovative, to say the least, focusing on more interactive ways of delivering the info in the form of active gaming, role play and highly interactive materials.

Using such methods does not only make the learning experience much more interactive and engaging but breaks away from the monotony of traditional teaching practices

  • A place of learning and fun:

Being based in Switzerland and assuming that you took the choice to travel and study in Switzerland you will be surrounded with diffrent activity and experience to enjoy such as hiking, swimming & ice-skating 

Aside from the activities, you will also have the option to go on a weekend trip to some of the worlds top tourist destinations such as Paris, Milan, Germany and any others. 

  • Real-life needs integrated programs

One of the best things about the IBAS programs and different learning option is that they are tailored and updated with the need of the market and the industry itself and tries to align itself with the required skills of the position or job level your seeking 

Those were some of the information you need to know about the IBAS accreditation, what it is what are the accreditations they provide and why they might be the best option for you. We hope this piece has been insightful and will help you with your MBA or DBA journey.