My Global World Education in Egypt is one of the leading learning providers of Post and pre-graduate business degrees, courses & other educational programs. MGW also enjoys  the privilege of being listed, placed & featured on AeUs official website partnerships and operates 4 of the most prestigious and well-ranking schools in Europe and Asia, these schools are 

As for the offered programs, MGW offers both MBA & DBA degrees in all the formats of the respective degrees offering a wide array of concentrations and specializations alongside one of the best remote learning experiences out there.

The AeU is one of the top-ranking universities in Malaysia and the world and prides itself on a unique take on remote education. The university offers a wide array of subjects via a flexible & quality remote learning experience. The university ranks at the 35th Rank in Malaysia and counts over 26,000 graduates, 30,000 students spread over more than 100 countries, and is taking the world if distant, post & pre-graduate education by storm.