Today, improving your skillset or upgrading a specific skill you have is merely a click away. All thanks to the technological developments today. As a result of these advancements, today’s modern job markets have become as demanding as ever.

One of the ways you can improve your chances is getting higher education for postgrads, which are all beneficial, especially those relevant to the field of business, such as DBAs &; MBAS among others. 

DBas have become increasingly popular and there’s no wonder to what that is. Today we will be talking about what exactly is a DBA Program its courses, benefits & income & career prospects.

Before you take on the decision to pursue a DBA degree we think it’s a pretty good idea to first understand exactly what it is and define what a business administration DBA is.

As per Wikipedia, a business management degree is a doctorate or a research doctorate that is granted based on advanced study & project work in business administration. They are also a requirement for all of you out there’s seeking or pursuing a career in academia.

2) Types, structure & Format

Most, if not all full time or part-time doctorate programs aim to achieve two things, add to the vast and existing collection of business theories while enhancing its student knowledge in applied research and the wonderful world of business administration

The structure and format of the DBA degree are primarily affected by its nature as a master degree that focuses on the aspects of in-depth research and reapplication of their knowledge to an existing business problem.

The same as the other known master degrees & programs offered out there, the MBA degree has its courses with the main focus of a DBA being the research and the final paper that is submitted at the end of your study period. 

The paper is otherwise known as the doctoral thesis which is an original piece of academic research that is later discussed and defended by the student of the business administration program in the form of a panel of experts in the field called a dissertation or doctoral committee. 

3) Courses

Now that you have a clear idea of what DBA degrees are and what format or shape they take, let’s discuss the different courses you would find in an MBA program. Here are the main core courses you can expect to find throughout your time as a DBA student.

  • Economic and Financial Theory
  • Analytical Techniques in Research
  • Philosophical Foundations of Knowledge & Research
  • Evolution of Management Thought
  • Management as a Behavioral Science
  • Current Issues in Management
  • Business-Government Relations
  • Managing Modern Business Operations
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • International Management
  • Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
  • Directed Readings and Research
  • Special Topics in Research
  • Dissertation Research

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4) Benefits of a DBA

Like any other higher education degree in the field of business administration, THe DBA  has numerous benefits for its students and graduates. Here are some of the benefits DBA holders enjoy.

  • Increased earnings & returns

Aside from the fulfilment, satisfaction and sense of pride that we get from our work we also get a financial return and one of the ways you could upgrade your pay is getting a doctorate in business administration.

This increase in pay can come in many forms and be a result of different sources other than a pay raise, your increase in income might be due to better opportunities opening up for you or the level of knowledge you have acquired in the field

To put words to numbers, the average annual salary, depending on position and years of experience, could be anything from 194,690$ to 193,850$

  • Stand out & be high in demand

Holding a Doctorate in business administration endows its owner with an array of managerial, leadership & strategic skills that make him stand out as a candidate for many great opportunities and jobs. 

  • Better Job Prospects

As stated in the above benefits, acquiring a DBA opens up the chance for you to pursue better job positions and puts you on the forefront of most if not all jobs for executive & managerial reasons. 

5) DBA Job prospects & Income

Now let’s move onto one of the most if not the most crucial aspects of choosing whether to pursue a DBA degree, what future will it give me? Well for starters we would like to tell you that it’s a good one, both financially, morally and careerwise. 

In terms of Job opportunities here are some of the positions for which DBA holders are headhunted for, among others

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO)
  • General of Operations Manager
  • Top executives
  • Marketing managers

In terms of income, as we said it would differ based on a group of factors such as experience, the position itself, signing process, the entity from which you got your doctorate and so on.

This does not mean however that we don’t think it’s financially rewarding as DBA holders average annual salaries in the US for 2019 ranged from 106,757$ to 173,860$.

In conclusion, a DBA as a business administration degree will prove beneficial on so many levels. We hope this has been insightful for you and helped you figure out if a DBA degree is the right option for you.